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About Little Peoples Playhouse LLC
    Little People's Playhouse is a family owned and operated group family daycare,
 that started out with only four children in a small apartment in Queens, New York in 1989 with no employees. Little People's Playhouse now operates two family group daycares with several educators all CPR /state certified, and meet all child care requirements.
   Here at Little People's Playhouse, we are committed to the well-being and education of our children, but unlike every other daycare, we believe our style of teaching and providing love for your child is unique. We focus on reading, writing and arithmetic  through "active learning" and physical activity. We believe this is the most effective way to keep them engaged in activities and it also allows each child to use their imagination, express their ideas and feel independent while learning all at the same time. 

have been in the business since 1989!

​was raised in Little People's Playhouse and later created
Little People's Playhouse 2 in 2009!